16 — Sempre la chiave B …… Key B -again

Sono tornato dalle vacanze. (Tutto bene grazie) e ho ripreso il lavoro.
Ho limato il grezzo della chiave B dove si vedevano i segni. In effetti e’ corto, e il taglio in basso è cosi’ vicino al bordo che resta una striscia di metallo troppo sottile e poco resistente. ma ho fatto un’aggiunta di ottone spesso. Ridicolo e inestetico, ma allunga la mappa e rinforza il tutto.
Domani vedro’ che succede.

Hi all, I’m back from my vacation (all went well, thanks).
I have filed the blank for key B. Actually the blank was a few millimeters too short and the lower cut is too close to the edge. So I made a brass “extension” ; now the tip’s lenghts is correct and the key stronger. Looks funny, however tomorrow we’ll see how it works.


Fulvio Fùlleri



3 Responses to “16 — Sempre la chiave B …… Key B -again”

  1. Jaakko Fagerlund Says:

    I have seen those keyholes and I’m wondering why you always make wrong sized keys? Your B-keys bit is a flat piece of metal and the real key has a much thicker (and durable) shape.

  2. fulviofulleri Says:

    I know this is a problem. As I told you, I am an amateur lockpicker, and I must depend on the Physic’s workshop. They do this work as a favour to me. If I had a welding equipment of my own…!
    But as long as the bit is strong enough to lift the spring and throw the bolt, it will work.
    Next days we’ll see.
    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Difficile fare un commento intelligente su un argomento così tecnico. Però ci divertiamo a leggerti!

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